Over 1 Million Living In Poverty

Extreme poverty , harsh living conditions and little access to sustainable resources. 
This is what more than 90% of the Indigenous people of Panama are living today.

Uplift Humanity seeks to empower the impoverished populations

Differing from other humanitarian missions, Uplift Humanity does not wish to disrupt the current lifestyle of the community by introducing resources that they are not able to afford or obtain access to. Rather, we intend to evaluate, treat and provide the education needed to modify their current ways of living and to improve and prevent their susceptibility to contracting prevailing diseases and infections.

Here Are Some Of The Ways We Contribute

Electricity In Every Home

Sustainable Technology

With about 20% of the rural population still without electricity in Panama and over 1 billion people worldwide, access to reliable electricity is important more than ever especially as blackouts due to exploding transformers are known to occur even in urban areas.
Uplift Humanity will work with Tesla to provide solar panels for our electricity needs. Known to be highly reliable and rigorously tested, these panels will supply energy to all in a clean and sustainable way. 

Empowering The Community

With ACCESSIBLE Healthcare

Despite adequate access to healthcare in the urban areas of Panama, the rural population still struggles to obtain the resources needed to prevent and treat existing health conditions & serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Infectious Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, and Influenza.

With a highly educated group of medical professionals, Uplift Humanity Plans to educate communities to reduce overall mortality rates due to prevailing medical conditions and healthcare disparities. 

A Home For Every Family

Building using local resources

Building housing for the impoverished doesn’t require a lot of resources as projects we’ve seen in the Dominican Republic. Over 95 percent of residents of indigenous areas (197,003 people) fall below the poverty line and 86 percent live in extreme poverty. 

By working with local suppliers for raw materials and producing cement on site, we will be able to involve the community in producing all of the housing. Using our tested blueprint, we will teach affected populations to build infrastructure while creating a greater sense of community.   

Improving Drinking Water

With Water Filtration

Potable water remains a top priority in indigenous communities and a priority for rural populations. Around 12.7%, half a million people, of the total population are indigenous, and many live in rural areas and lack access to water and sanitation. 
Utilizing the latest technologies created around the globe, Uplift Humanity will provide long term water filtration solutions using biofilms, reverse osmosis systems, and provide biological treatments that destroys contaminants entirety and are able to remove multiple contaminants at the same time from the water. 

You Can Help In A Few Ways

Give Families A Chance To Empower Themselves

When someone is in need, every dollar counts. 100% of your generous donation goes to improving someones quality of life.

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Your helping hands mean the world to someone in need. Volunteer with Uplift Humanity and change the world for a family that needs your help.

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