We donate our money but also our time by requiring all Uplift Humanity members to participate in at least one build a year.

The Panama Initiative

Helping Hundreds Of Thousands Of Families Get Out Of Extreme Poverty Through Sustainable Solutions. 

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Extreme Poverty, Discrimination, Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Abuse. It's the 21st century, we have access to unbelievable technology and resources, yet there are still people suffering all over the world. They lack the most basic resources to survive. No human should live through these extreme conditions.
We Can Uplift Humanity Together

Driving Awareness

Living in America, we are protected from many world problems and the dark side of things we love. Uplift Humanity informs the world of issues related to human trafficking, child labor, poverty, discrimination and the abuse which haunt millions around the globe.

Sustainable Solutions

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. Empowerment and sustainability can turn poverty around. We create sustainable solutions and implement them into communities where they are needed the most, improving the lives of thousands. 

Implementing Education

No child should be deprived of an education and a chance to improve their quality of life.  Uplift Humanity works with communities and local governments to deliver education and uplifting programs to hundreds of children around the globe. 


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Commitment and perseverance are what makes a difference in the lives of others. 

We value our donors and the help they give. 100% of every donation goes towards our commitment to influencing change and taking action. We tackle challenges such as child labor, human trafficking, extreme poverty, abuse, and discrimination 
Will you help us change the lives of others?

Life Changers

meet our volunteers

We could not have gone this far without our volunteers.
These are the faces of the people that are changing the world.

Chirag Bansal


Catherine Cortez

Vice President

Dipal Patel

Chief Medical Director

Melissa nguyen

Communications Officer


Our mission can not be possible without our sponsors & Supporters. These are the companies that help us reach our goals

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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Want to contribute to Uplift Humanity on your own time? Create your own events and raise awareness within your own network! Ambassadors get all the marketing resources they need to put on a successful event and get to give back Continue reading

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We love putting on community events in NYC as a way to raise awareness about our mission in a fun and exciting way! Come out and discover what Uplift Humanity is all about and give your own input into how Continue reading

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When it comes to non-profit work we need more than just each other. We need everyone that we can get to participate in offering sustainable solutions to indigenous communities. This means working with partners to get solar panels, water filtration Continue reading

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Board Members & Officers

Board Members & Officers

All great organizations, whether for profit or non-profit, have one thing in common: team work. We’re currently in the process of adding members to our Board of Directors and hiring officers that will be paramount in making a measurable impact Continue reading

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